How To Watch What You Want On Movie Box App

Movie Box app is known as the best app that you can have on your phone. You may watch free TV shows and free moves on the Android Phone, tablet, iPod, iPad and iPhone.  You can have a guide of what you can do if you want to watch the TV shows and movies using Movie Box app.

Download the app first

You should start by downloading the Movie Box app. You can head over to Google play or to the app store and you can download the Movie Box app from there. If you open this app, you will be asked to sign up to get a free account so that you can be able to personalize the watchlist you want and to find the new TV shows and movies. Click here to download MovieBox for iPhone and iPad.You can also share the information with friends.  There is a large number of the content that you can watch and you can browse through TV shows and popular movies to get to what you want to watch.

Different ways to benefit from Movie Box app

With Movie Box app, you will be able to view different movies in different categories. You can browse based on the Thriller, sci-fi, music, Horror, Documentary, Crime, Comedy and action comedy.  When you tap at the TV show, you are able to view Music, Horror, Documentary, Crime, Comedy, Anime, Action, Recently Added and the most popular categories.

Make a watchlist of the movies you want to watch

You are able to create the watchlist of what you want to watch on the favorite TV shows or movies when you have time. You have to type on Watchlist where you can find the video and you can add them to the watchlist through tapping at the right hand corner. When you wish to remove the movie or the tv show, you should go back to the My Watchlist to remove it. If you want that your friends can watch what you are watching, you can tap on the share button and you may share the video using Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS.

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