Love At First Sight

Yes, dear people, dear fellow bloggers, dear fellow friends. It’s time to play “Where’s the love”? If you are lonely and you are in dire need of love, do what I did and be sure to look in all the wrong places! My Dad always said if you go searching for something you damn near might find it. That isn’t to say that it’s the right thing for you but who needs Mr. Right when you can have Mr. Right Now! So, if you are searching for love, don’t put it on the back burner…go out and get it…at whatever cost, no matter who gets hurt, no matter who it is or what it is…go get yours. Here are a few places were YOU 2 can find love!!

You know the saying, “Love at first sight” or “I’ve fallen in love”? These are phrases we’ve heard dozens of times. Does “love at first sight” really happen? Honestly, in my opinion, no. What are you falling in love with? His eyes, his bank account, his personality, his cute, little pouty lips? How can we fall in love with someone we know nothing about? Let’s say instead of my first love walking past the choir door room, what if he had his finger jammed in his nose? I would have been totally turned off.

Have you ever felt this way before? You know, your stomach twirls, your cheeks get red, your palms are sweaty and your toes are tingling? It sounds like a horrible feeling when I describe it but it’s actually one of the best. All of a sudden, you notice the birds chirping, the suns rays through the trees and any second Mary Poppins might pop in for another round of “Spoon Full of Sugar”. Ahh, the feelings of love, or is it?

You see, when we first meet someone, they don’t come with a warning label, a manual or a list of character flaws. It takes months and maybe even years to figure out who someone really is and what their faults are. During the first several months of Dating App, we call it the “honeymoon” stage. Each person puts on their best food forward and dresses to impress. They don’t tell you how they are drowning in debt, how they spent a year in jail, how they still live with their mother or how they love to poot in public.

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