How Do Subscribers Rate Birchbox?

Many have tried the Birchbox experience. These people have tried it out for the first time and has been coming back to subscribe again. Knowing that Birchbox is growing in popularity, it would be wise to check out the customer reviews on  and what its users have to say about it. Here are they:

I Like the Service

Most reviews talk about the subscribers loving the experience of Birchbox beauty boxes. Others claim on loving the subscription and the service. One particular reason that they usually love about is the excitement that they get to experience from waiting for their next Birchbox. However, not knowing what they would get on their next Birchbox gives them the same feeling of receiving a gift every month. There are also subscribers that love the idea of the free shipment of boxes.

Some reviews talk about the Birchbox’s plentiful reward system aside from the available coupons during subscription that normally give customers chances of winning freebies. Birchbox’s reward system allows you to accumulate points after every purchase. A total of 100 points would give you an equivalent of $10, which you could use for your next subscription.

However, on some reviews, the products themselves are the main reason why customers avail it once more. Some subscribers love the products that they get to receive every month, but some has forwarded complaints on receiving expired products. Fortunately, the service normally give refunds.

Nevertheless, subscribers on some reviews do not usually get to like all the boxes they get every month, since others claim that they will not need the samples that they have received for that month. There are also some reviews that talked about how Birchbox have helped them discover new beauty products. They also add that Birchbox helped them find the perfect products that are suited to their skin types and body nature.

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