WordPress Theme Generator: What Is The Best One?

Have you ever wanted to build a WordPress theme on your own which contain your favorite images, colors and functionalities? Of course, people love thing that they created like DIY furniture from IKEA, WordPress theme is not an exception.

However, building WordPress themes from scratch is a difficult job. You have to learn about designing, coding and optimizing which requires years to become good at these skills. You can buy a premium or download a free theme, then add your own logo, background image and change the colors, but it’s actually not designing your theme. Its customizing.

Thankfully, we have plenty of WordPress theme generators which allows you to create your own theme, choose which functionalities and elements to add in your theme. Of course, depending on how powerful and flexible the generator is, you can create a good looking theme with ease. Moreover, it can’t be as good as those designed by professional or WordPress designers, but it’s still a good option for those who want to add more funs making their websites.

Ultimatum is a popular Drag and Drop themes builder which contains several modules to add to your website. Unlike other generators which have some beginning templates to start with, Ultimatum starts with a blank page aiming to make the most from user’s creativities.

WP Theme Generator is a work from WP Theme Shock which has over 1000 pre-made elements to choose, add and customize your DIY WordPress theme. You can start with 7 default layouts, change the elements through the right sidebar. There is a save function for those running out of time and want to come back and edit later.

Although using WordPress theme generators is a quick and easy way to create your own WordPress themes, you can’t go much beyond the pre-made templates. Sometimes, the theme generated look similar to other previous ones. Moreover, since it’s generated from a software, the theme comes with many codes and styling which may decrease your loading time.

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