Have Train tickets to Ipoh and Enjoy a Wonderful Trip

The Ipoh is one of the largest cities in Malaysia, and is the capital city of Perak. The city itself offer spectacular stuff for everyone, but you can already have a different kind of enjoyment before even reaching the place. Book train tickets to Ipoh now, and have a wonderful trip for you and your friends!


KTM and ETS Train Travel to Ipoh

You would love to travel via KTM or ETS train to Ipoh, and experience a totally different trip. Either you would ride from KL, Kota Bahru or some other cities, you can have a spectacular ride along the railroads to the wonderful city.


The travel to Ipoh roughly takes 3 to 4 hours on old KTM trains, or more than two hours on ETS train units. What sets the travel apart from some other railroad journey in Malaysia is not inside the train itself, but the breath-taking sceneries you can witness around! Natural green areas blanket from one city to another, and wonderful rivers can be seen. Additionally, the culture of the people can also be appreciated, and you can have it all by just riding on the KTM or ETS train.


You can travel all by yourself, or bring your friends with you. You can also opt for online bookings, and choose between silver or gold services. The silver service is much affordable and is booked by more people. On the other hand, gold service is a lot more expensive which amount for up to double the price of silver.


Either service you would choose, you can enjoy the fabulous beauty of the sceneries around the railroad to Ipoh. You wouldn’t also be hassled by frequent stops, and a smooth travel is offered for you. Book train tickets to Ipoh now and enjoy your travel with friends! Feel free to visit http://www.easybook.com/en-my/train/route/ipoh, and know more about online bookings.

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