Importance of responsive design

Mobile web offers a plethora of advantages to the web users as well as website owners. It provides users with quicker and instant access to information and at the same time allows website owners to make their websites more accessible and thus cater to a huger audience base.


However, to tap the potential benefits of the mobile web, it is important to have an powerful strategy. Just because you have the content and can mobilize it easily doesn’t mean that you really need a presence on the mobile web. Rather, you should have content that will be useful for mobile users and also synchronizes well with the characteristics of the mobile devices. Before you start planning to take your website to the mobile web, here are some key questions you should ask yourself.


Think about where and how users interact with your contents and what content would they want through their mobile devices. This will help you get a clearer picture as to what parts of your website should you mobilize and what can be kept away.


Spare yourself the hassle and avoid being bitten by the editing bug. Find a template that works, upload your content, and be done with it. There are so many template options on the market that you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.


High loading time

Since all your web pages are clubbed in a single page, the website loading time will be high when you load the website for the very first time on a server. This will reduce Google crawlers stay time on your website as the crawlers generally avoid slow loading websites.


Forgetting Your Purpose


It’s easy to lose focus and forget what your website is all about. Remember to adhere to your original plan and avoid getting lost. Don’t let your web site design dictate the content or tone of your site. It should be a means of expressing your vision, not a complete re-imagining of it. Remember why you started working on your website in the first place, and always keep your original vision in mind.