The 2017 Champions Trophy

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Right now the Champions Trophy is on and is being played England amongst the top 8 seeded nations in the world. This tournament has been branded with the term, ‘The Champion of Champions’ and is the third most important trophy in world cricket, after the ODI and T20 World Cup. The teams have been divided into two groups with the winner of one group playing the runner up of the other group in the semi-finals.


Group A consists of the hosts, England and Australia, New Zealand and Bangladesh. This group looks like the tougher one of the two groups and we expect Australia to come out on top. New Zealand has been in-consistent in their recent form and we don’t expect them to go too far, same with Bangladesh. England has been playing some great cricket and considering the fact that they have home advantage, we can definitely expect them to go on to win the competition. We all know how effective their bowlers can be on home turf and everything relies on their batsmen.


Group B consists of the favorites and the current champions, India who have already registered a resounding defeat on their noisy neighbors, Pakistan. Pakistan has been lacking the experience in their squad and the scarcity of the international games played by them can also cause a problem. South Africa have always played good cricket but have always ended up choking at the end which might their cause for problem. Sri Lanka on the other hand requires a permanent person at their leadership position to perform with a talented squad like theirs.

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