Best Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Hispanic Heritage

It is hard not to spot a Latino celebrity in America. Despite the hardship they had to encounter in the past including making their way to America, these Latinos have become part of the richest celebrities. Here are the most famous and richest Latino celebrities;


William Levy; he is a Latino superstar whose fame has crossed over to Hollywood. Born in 1980 in Cuba, Levy started out as a model and later branched into acting. He moved to America at age 14. While his early acting days in Protagonistas de novella 2 gave him exposure, it was his roles in Hollywood movies such as The Single Mums Club, Resident Evil and the TV show Single Ladies that propelled him to stardom and eventually made him a prominent name in Hollywood. According to he is worth $15 million.


Eva Longoria; when talking about sexy women, Eva Longoria ranks amongst the top. Born in 1975, she knew from an early age she wanted to be a famous actress. So she landed roles in various movies such as The Bold and the Beautiful, Beverly Hills and The Young and the Restless. However, it was her role in Desperate Housewives that made her a renowned actress in Hollywood. Her liberal side and love for the Hispanic background can be seen from the Eva Longoria Foundation that educates and give entrepreneurial skills to Latinos. According to she is paid a salary of $4.5 million.


Enrique Iglesias; he is often considered the best Latin artist thanks to amazing songs such as Bailamos and Ayer. Born to a famous father, Enrique had to work hard to create his name without using the status of his father. His musical talents and good looks proved worth investing, and he ended up releasing several songs which topped the charts as well as winning Grammies.

Richest Latino celebrities who are carving their successful careers in Hollywood are role models to upcoming artists who are not born in America.

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