What Do You Get With More Star Citizen Recruits?

            If you’re into the game Star Citizen, one of the reasons as to why this one is the most popular one, is due to the fact that it employs a unique recruitment system which would allow both new recruits, as well as successful recruiters alike a wide variety of rewards, with every new click and successful recruiting of new players through the clicking of a unique set of star citizen referral codes. Having said that, there is a ladder system for the awards and benefits you can get with every increase in RP, or Recruiter Points, with the first three of them being the following:

Recruiter – 1 RP

            While it may not seem much, the people over at Star Citizen, indeed, give you the chance to reap some great benefits, despite having only recruited a single player to join the said game. With 1 RP, users are able to get a wide array of Badges from the UEE Squadron which you could use, as well as something for your ship, the K&W CF-117 Badger repeater. This simply implies that it does not entail too much hard work just so that you could get all of these benefits.

Private Level – 3 RP

            At a mere 3 Recruitment points, one could already boost the fire power, or the armory of your own ship, as this level would allow you to get 2 K&W CF-007 Bulldog repeaters, as well as 2 gimbal mounts to strengthen and improve your gameplay.

Corporal – 5 RP

            The third level of the rewards hierarchy, dubbed as Surf and Turf would allow you to level up your hangar with the addition of a Greycat Buggy, as well as a tank which is filled with exotic fish which adds to the over-all style of your hangar.