What Features Should I Look For In A Server Hosting Provider?

Flat & User-Friendly UI

The user interface of any service/product is highly noticed as it is what defines the first impression of a product. Since recent times, the so-called Flat UI has been very popular amongst many giants around the globe. It follows what it says going flat. This means that all the previously used elements such as bright colors, 3D buttons, high dependence on JavaScript etc. is completely avoided.

Unturned Hosting has an absolute Flat UI which makes it very easy for the users (and visitors) to navigate around the account pages and carry on with the tasks. This is a great advantage as opposed to Hostgator where there is no such thing as an Account Page. The users can only have access to the cPanel.

Account Management

Not all hosts have something called an Account, but Unturned Hosting does and Im so happy it does because the account manager handles most of the tasks. It handles the support center, the affiliate’s center, the domain management, services management (backup services etc.) and what not.

Once I signed-in to my account for the first time, everything was readily available. I was welcomed with a tour on managing the account and where to go in case I cant figure something out it was all there organized beautifully.

Applications & Other cPanel Tools

The hosting is handled by the cPanel Software which is widely used my most of the hosts around the globe. It makes cPanel very easy to use unlike Hostgator which integrates hundreds of unnecessary tools into it. It keeps the most required tools (like the Domain Management Tools, File Management Tools etc.) at the top by default. This gets things done in no time.

Installing WordPress had never been so easy before. It partners with Softaculous a platform from where all scripts/applications around the globe can be installed. The installation process is smooth as silk no bullshit.


My words up there say all I wanted to say. But I can really emphasize more than that. Hence, with no exceptions, I would recommend you to opt for Unturned Hosting to host all your online ventures. It’s not just hosting, it’s much more than that.

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