Features To Keep In Mind While Choosing An External Hard Drive

External hard drive is a device that can be connected to your computer on the outer side. Some of the external drives draw power over the data cable while for others, you might need AC wall connection. The responsibility of the hard drive is to store data.

Depending on what you need the hard drive for, it is recommended to do your homework. Here is the list of features and specifications that you must consider before purchasing an external hard drive:

Storage Capacity

Usually, the storage capacity of the external hard drives ranges from 2GB to 4TB. This usually depends on your storage need. It can also be a mini external HD which you can pin to your keychain and store important documents like songs, videos, photos and more. The smart size people casually choose for storing videos is between 1TB and 2TB.

Transfer Speed

If you want to create the backup of your computer, you will choose an external hard drive. Files that contain videos and documents transfer quickly. These days,Thunderbolt capable external HDs are available which have a 10Mbps throughput.


If you have plans of moving back and forth from home to work, you are going to need a pocket sized device. The hard drive should be portable and it must have durability for protecting your files from damage and shock.

Ease of Use

If you are not good with technology, choose a drive that has a software included in it.  Buy a warranty to be sure that your external hard drive lasts for longer than a year at least.


Whether you are a Mac or PC user, this will influence your choice. So shop for the hard drive keeping its compatibility with Macs and PCs in mind, however, keep it specific to one thing only.