Frequently Asked Questions In Drivetime

DriveTime is considered as one of the best car dealers in the US, especially when it comes with used cars and buy here pay here in Fort Myers. Let’s say that you visited their branch, processed the papers, made payments and have gone through everything we’re sure that there will still be follow up questions. The inquiry you have might be common, so below are some of the frequently asked questions are stated below.

What if I don’t Like the Vehicle Anymore?

Well it’s unfortunate that you’re not satisfied with the vehicle anymore due to whatever reason. It’s a good thing that there are options to resolve the case but terms and conditions will govern the options. If you discover that it wasn’t really the car for you during the initial 5 days then you can choose to return the vehicle or exchange it for another one. Any wear and tear or excess mileage will have corresponding charges; in terms of mileage, if you drove more than 300 miles from the day of purchase.

What if the Vehicle Gets Involved in an Accident or Gets Stolen, Repossess or Impounded?

Regarding any of the incidents mentioned above, the first thing you have to do is file a report with the corresponding organization or authority. Afterwards, contact DriveTime Customer Service in order to help handle your claim. In case your car was repossessed and you think that it’s because of failure to make payments on time, you can also contact their Customer Service representative.

Where Can I Leave Reviews?

The people behind DriveTime take all the reviews seriously, they want to provide top quality customer service and dealership experience. For those with less than satisfactory experience regarding the services, they encourage you to contact them through their Facebook or Twitter page so they know how to resolve the issue.