Are You At Risk Of A Foot Fungus Infection?

A lot of people are never really conscious of what possible outcomes can occur from choice of hanging-out spots, places they go, what they do and the likes. There are many things we do daily that expose us to unforeseen danger such as infection. With specific reference to foot fungus infection, let us take a look at our typical day and observe the points where you come in contact with possible foot fungus infection.

When you wake up daily what are your measures for foot hygiene, how much time do you spend on cleaning in-between your toes and proper nail trimming? What do you wear on your feet when you leave the house? Do you wear a sock and how often do you change the sock? Do you walk barefoot to places and what are the environmental conditions or situations of these places? What is the present weather condition like? Is it humid, dry, wet or cold? For the ladies, do you go to a salon to get your pedicure game on and how hygienic is this place, do they sterilize their tools? There are a million questions you need to ask yourself, this determines if you have had prior exposure to fungus.


Fungus has affinity for moist or humid environment and is numerous in the atmosphere in form of spores. They multiply fast once an optimum environment is established and they mostly attack keratinous layers usually skin, fingernails and toenails.

There are various toenail fungus treatment which are quite effective. Some of them are:

  • Use of antifungal nail cream
  • Use of medicated toenail polish during pedicure
  • Anti-fungal drugs such as itraconazole and lamisil


In the case of a completely damaged toenail the antifungal drugs enable the growth of a new nail. This is dependent on age, as younger people have a much faster growth process than adults.