Car Seats That Are Worth Every Cent

Much like with any other product or service offered in the market, customers will always have different opinions about car seats. It’s unlikely that a single car seat gets to earn the title of best convertible car seat from everyone out there. Hence, we have a handful of car seats for you to choose from.

Graco 4ever All-in-One

Known as a favorite among so many parents out there, the Graco 4ever All-in-One has proven itself time and time again during the past decade or so. A lot of owners see it as the only brand or car seat model that they’ll need. One of its best features is the ability to easily transition from a rear facing installment that can accommodate 4 to 40 pounds into a forward facing installment that can handle 20 to 65 pounds. A booster seat option is also available and it can handle 40 to 120 pounds. Additional small features include cup holders and the fact that everything is machine washable. A con that a lot of customers point to is the fact that straps tend to become twisted every now and then.

Chico Bravo Tio

Parents who always go from one place to the next with their toddlers should definitely consider the Chico Bravo Trio since it’s specially made to handle that kind of travelling strain. The upper weight limit that you can put on it is 50 pounds but the child needs to be 6 months and older before they can use it. One of the best advantages of this model is the huge storage system inside the stroller.

The big canopy helps protect the child’s face and the overall set up from the car seat to the stroller and carrier is easy as pie. The only real disadvantage is the difficulties in moving the stroller during the first few tries or up until you figure out how to handle it.