What Is Kinesiology?

Have someone recommended you to take Kinesiology Toronto? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Kinesiology is all about the human and nonhuman functions of the body, its performance and movement. In other words, it is the study of the movements of the human body tracked via the motion tracking system.


The process started in 1970s and it quickly got popularity in medicine and other treatment procedures. It is used in occupational therapy, mechanics, rehabilitation and other conditioning process. Let’s have a look at the advantages of this therapy:

  • It improves the learning skills
  • It is effective in removing stress
  • It boosts your performance
  • It improves the ability of a person to make better decisions
  • It helps you forget the traumatic memories
  • You can identify your nutritional level
  • Any injures in the muscles can be healed with it

Kinesiology can be practiced on both humans and animals. In order to make a career in this field, the practitioner has to attain a degree in this field. There are most countries that still don’t offer licensed designation for Kinesiology. According to Kinesiologists, the body cells rely on an energy flow in the environment which is responsible for proper functioning of the body. There are two types of Kinesiology therapies:


  • Specialized Kinesiology

It is meant to facilitate the body in healing. It helps in dealing with the external stressors.

  • Applied Kinesiology

It is meant for test the posture of the body. It helps in testing the weak muscles.

By learning this treatment, you can create a balance between your personal and work life. The reason why go people for this occupation is that it lets you be your own boss. There is a large earning potential in this field which is why a lot of youngsters are showing interest in this field.