How to Apply for Vietnam Visa if you are a US Citizen?

If you are a US citizen, and you are looking forward to getting a Vietnam visa then, then there are two ways to do so. The first option is to apply for the visa at the Embassy or consulate and the second option is to get the visa on arrival.  Let’s talk about both these ways to get Vietnam Visa for US citizens:


Applying for the Visa at Embassy

You will need a valid passport. You can also send a photo copy of your passport to request a loose leaf visa. Make sure you have the visa application form completed. It must be signed too. The form is available at the website of Vietnam Embassy in the USA. You will need one passport sized photograph for the traditional visa and two passport sized photographs if you are requesting for the loose leaf visa. The visa fee varies from one embassy to another in different countries. The processing time of the visa is 3 to 5 days. If you want to get it delivered urgently, you can pay an additional cost for that.


Visa on Arrival

This facility was operational from 2007. You are required to apply online to get an approval letter and then use this letter for checking in flight. When you will arrive at the airport, you can pick up the visa. You can contact the local agents to provide you visa approval service.

The type of visa can influence the processing time and of course, the requirements might even differ. Although if you have a US passport, you can easily travel to a number of countries in the world without a visa. However, if you want to visit Vietnam, you are going to need a visa. The process is simple and the visa fee is not expensive either. Whatever option you choose, you will get a visa approval with ease.