Marijuana In USA For Medicinal And Recreational Purposes

Since few decades ago, marijuana is considered illegal by most countries in the world, with USA being not an exemption. It’s said to be highly addictive, and can cause psychological problems to users. However, a number of states in USA successively legalized cannabis this past decades. You just have to be aware about the places where is weed legal, for you to purchase some.

Legalization of Cannabis for Medicinal and Recreational Use

It was long being argued that marijuana can indeed provide huge benefits to the field of medicine; and this is the very reason why some states in America considered its legalization. It was in fact, proven to be effective in treating certain diseases like glaucoma, Hepatitis-C, HIV and even cancer.

Few years passed, legalization of marijuana for recreational use was endorsed. This was backed by researches that alcohol and tobacco are much more dangerous compared to cannabis, thus it would be illogical to continue its status as an illegal substance. Because of it, few states legalized recreational use of the substance, aside from its medical purposes.

However, there are few differences between the laws and regulation of the states where is weed legal. For instance, Washington legalized recreational use of weed, but you cannot buy or sell it in any ways inside the state. Other states also require doctor’s prescriptions for people to be allowed to purchase cannabis, and there are few who requires registration of legal marijuana card.

This makes it important that you must be aware of the weed regulations in a certain state, for you not to have troubles with cops.

You can start by looking through the list of states where is weed legal. After which, read through their prohibitions and regulations for you to be assured on how to deal with its legalities in a place.