Fighting The Biggest Sign Of Aging

Growing older is an inevitable part of life. Although most people already understand this, there is still an undeniable feeling of helplessness especially when the signs start showing. Even worrisome when they start appearing at an earlier age. The body loses its usual regenerative property as a person grows older. This, in turn, means that the body’s capability in producing and maintaining collagen is reduced drastically. With this comes the manifestation of apparent wrinkles.


Collagen is an important protein that’s responsible for the structure of organs in the body. Skin included. And since the skin is an external organ, it’s generally the first thing that shows signs of collagen depletion. Age isn’t the issue, yet as wrinkles become more and more prevalent, especially on the face, a person can’t help but grow ever more self-conscious.


So what should a person do to combat the most obvious sign of aging? To be fully honest, wrinkles can not be avoided entirely. But this doesn’t mean that wrinkles can be prevented from showing up earlier than they have to. To do this, one can use reliable skin creams that specifically aim to reduce and prevent wrinkles from forming. Brands like dr. oz wrinkle cream goes a long way and is well worth the price. Application of such skin creams on a regular basis encourages the skin to produce more collagen and elastin. The latter is also a protein but is responsible for giving the skin its elastic, bouncy property.


Naturally, it’s best to start doing so while still at a young age. It may not be that obvious, but wrinkles are primed during younger years as the skin keeps folding and creasing along the same area. This is why sleep wrinkles form in the neck area for people who sleep on their sides.

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