Types of Christmas Stockings

There are a lot of different designs for Christmas stockings. The styles vary from hand-knit to fur-trimmed and velvet. Also, these stockings could take the old-style “sock” style, resembling a thin, long knee sock or designed in the wider fashion and shorter stockings like bags. Some of the most famous designs of Christmas stockings are the Personalized Santa Sacks, Cartoon, Scandinavian, Victorian, American Arts and Crafts, and American Holiday.


American Holiday

These are representative of the old-style look of an American Christmas. Oftentimes, they are designed in a green and red color motif. Velvet is the most popular choice of material. American Holiday stockings sometimes have a cotton ball or faux-fur trim detail on its top.


American Arts and Craft

These stockings sometimes include a design that suggests historical handcraft procedures. The Arts and Crafts color scheme favors lighter tones like pinks and pale blues. These stockings suggest a feeling of handmade, rather than a machine-made, prefabricated one. It involves both vintage and new pieces. The Arts and Craft stockings have very plain designs. Some could even be created from materials like burlap. Also, Arts and Craft stockings suggest the hard work ethic of the United States and sometimes come from the era of depression.



These stockings are resonant of the Christmas tradition in the late 19th century. A lot of people relate these stockings with stories like “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. The color motif of the stockings favors gold accents with deep reds. These stockings could be both actual vintage pieces and newly-made representations.



You could also have personalized items for Christmas stockings. Usually, these stockings include a modified feature on the stocking like a name at the top that is embroidered. It could either be sewn to order or hand-knit.


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