Spyera – The Spyware that’s Worth Your Money

Usually, any app that you pay for is a lot better than the free alternative; unless of course you find a free version of an expensive app. If you’re someone that’s more than willing to spend a good amount of money in a spyware then we’re guessing that the reason is pretty important. Spyera is one of the top spyware apps in the market. Of course before paying for Spyera, we encourage you to read up on a Spyera Review.


Spyera Spyware App

The Spyera Phone has tons of features that will give parents some peace of mind whenever they’re using smartphones even with no adults around. All the parental controls in the phone will monitor everything that goes on in the phone. But do take note that this isn’t the best spyware to avail when you want to filter specific content and websites from the child phone. It may not be able to block content but users can still see all content opened in the targeted device. Even though you can’t block unsafe content from children, it still makes for a healthy discussion afterwards regarding online safety.

Aside from internet searches, users will be provided complete text history as well as email logs; they can read messages if they wished to. Activities on famous applications like Facebook, Skype and Viber are also monitored. Not only will you discover all activities on the targeted phone, but you’ll be informed as to their locations thanks to the device’s GPS. Every location they visit in a day will be logged into Spyera, there’s even a real-time option in order to tract the device and check in on them anytime; this is great for testing out their honesty when you ask them where they are and check the actual location of the device.

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