RSPS for Close Acquaintances

The Runescape Private Server is one that you can create. Though there are many official websites available for online games, RSPS can be created for the use of the large public or for a limited circle of friends.  If you require a server for a small circle of friends, there are various ways of creating the RSPS. You will need to spend on a website and to choose a good domain. You will also need a virtual server for better quality of service. As it is going to be used by a close circuit of friends, you will not have to spend on advertisements. The RSPS list provides various games to choose from.


Types of RSPS for Close Friends

  • Hosting: you can host the server online, so that your friends can connect from within their homes. You will require port forwarding for this. You can have a dynamic ip or a static ip. If you have a static ip, you can configure the name and sub-domain which will be the ip of your server.
  • Home Network: by using the LAN, only those within your home network can be connected to it. It also means that people within the house can use it. There is no need for port forwarding. You can start the server on a computer and have the client ip on the computer hosting the server.

It is best if you have a good knowledge of Java along with networking skills if you are going to have your own Runescape private server. The RSPS has the client and the server. The client requires the functions of the server on specific things such as changing interface, change the view, change in position of the player etc. by choosing your game, you can have your own fun with the people within your circle.