Rivercove Residences Showflat FAQs

So are you in hoping to become an official resident of Rivercove Residences EC? Before you can actually finalize on the purchase, you have to take a lot of factors into account; you currently have a few months to decide if Rivercove Residences EC is an ideal location since the official prices are still not announce so potential purchases are not entertained for now.

To sign up for the Rivercove Residences Showflat, there is a procedure that needs to be followed which involves paying some fees and submitting certain documents. Below are some of the frequently asked questions:

How Do I Determine the Kind of Property I’m Eligible for?

Eligibility is a crucial issue that you have to consider since it involves the right property classification that you’re allowed to purchase under the law. As for the properties we have the HBD flat, apartment under Sell Scheme, Design, Build and an executive condo. Well this isn’t a question that easy to answer, so it’s crucial to collect all the facts so you’ll be able to see what properties are available and unavailable to you in Singapore. Take note that the entire process of buying property is a bit complex and no one wants to begin the process and to find out somewhere in the middle that they’re not eligible after all.

I’m a Foreigner, Can I Purchase Rivercove Residences EC in Singapore?

Unfortunately, foreigners are not allowed to buy properties in Singapore. Residents are able to purchase properties under development with the name ‘condominium’ or ‘apartment’ under the law. They’ll receive the Land Dealing unit’s approval in order to be able to buy properties which include land. Finally they have to find out if they’re actually eligible for the property that they want, otherwise the whole process may be all for nothing.