An Introduction To Word Cookies

Word Cookies was developed by the puzzle masters, BitMango. The game has an easy gameplay with no penalty nor timer clock for wrong answers. The game is good for students studying English as a foreign language, children, and elderly. The game could also be played with or without WiFi, which means you could play this anytime and anywhere. So, if you want to play word cookies online, here is a simple introduction.


Letters – that are seemingly shaped cookies – are served up on the baking tray and users should then swipe one letter to another to create words. First-time users should form 3 up to 4-letter words. However, the game progresses soon to include 5 or more letters. Above the tray of letter is a board that has spaces to signify what lengths of words are required and what words have been already found.

Finishing levels reward users with coins and points. Whereas points do not convert to any tangible things, coins could be traded for hints to quickly pass through levels.

Tips and Tricks

An amazing key feature of the game is that there’s a shuffle option that would rearrange the letters that are inside the tray. Merely reordering the letters could frequently cause your subconscious to ignite recognition whenever you are stuck trying to look for the last words.  However, the problem is that with the game, the scarce amount of letters used every round means that the shuffle option is not really that efficient. However, because it is a free feature, it must be utilized several times before spending coins for hints.

Maybe the best feature of the game is that there are no consequences for gibberish answers and misspelled words. Thus, go with words that stand out clearly and then try to shuffle it.

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