Fun Board Games For Adults

The board games that we played during childhood are not as fun when we play them as adults; they mostly involve an incredibly simple process that doesn’t require a lot of thinking. But as adults that want to still play board games with friends, you’ll want a brand new board game for adults specifically one that’s challenging. If you don’t know what board game to purchase, we have a few suggestions that you can look into.


Spaceteam is a game with a lot of frustration, yelling, card tossing and the urge to give up half way. A maximum of six players can play and by purchasing the expansion, up to nine players can join in. Here, you’ll experience how to assemble a spaceship in the simplest and most frustrating way possible, all within a meager 5 minutes. It goes like this; every player will go through a deck composed of cards displaying ‘malfunctions’ while searching for all 6 of the required cards hidden among the other players. You basically have to grab all the needed cards from other players but you’ll only be able to ask for the cards by describing the appearance or by calling the names. Imagine shouting out ‘give me the quasipaddle! The one that looks like a vacuum with round handles!”


A steampunk re-imagine of Eastern Europe back in the 1920s, the board game itself and the elements are beautifully designed. In Scythe, five players compete against one another for resources, control over the territory and regional prestige. Take note that you shouldn’t engage directly in warfare because you will be penalized; yes, it sounds frustrating but that adds more to the need for a balanced and strategic gameplay. As you go further in the game you’ll better appreciate the aesthetics and strategy of the game.

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