Cenote Tours At Tulum

In reality, not everyone has the time and resources to go on trips and vacations whenever the feel like it, so during the limited times that we actually plan to go on vacations we strive to choose an location that’s worth it. If you’re close to Mexico and prefer an escape from city life, we suggest Tulum, specifically a Tulum cenote tour. Of course aside from the Tulum cenote tours, there are a ton of other things to do at Tulum like shop, party and visit the barrier reefs.


  • Cenote Calavera – admissions begin at $100 MXN a person, the Cenote Calavera is a unique and fun cenote to experienced. Named Calavera or skull mainly because of the entrance; the entrance has a single circular opening which measures nine meters in diameters, visitors can choose to either jump right into it or use the ladder, as well as two openings that are obviously smaller at only a diameter in size. Majority of the area in this cenote is enclosed with minimal daylight and a huge cavernous area that’s home to bats.
  • Cenotes Crystal and Escondido – admissions to both of these cenotes will cost a considerable $120 MXN; they are just across the highway from one another. Both these cenotes are open-air with shallow waters and are not as crowded compared to the other cenotes. The Cristal cenote is semi-round in shape and has installed a diving platform an estimated 3 feet from the water’s surface. On the other hand, Escondido cenote is considerably longer with floors of wood and rocks that are enveloped in algae; you’ll be able to spot numerous fish feeding off the algae.

  • Zacil-Ha – admissions are only $60 MXN, this breathtaking open-air cenote looks a lot like a natural swimming pool, although there are a couple of underground caves that far back.
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