Introducing The Xbox One Recon Tech

In just a few short years, Microsoft has successfully released quite a number of upgrades on their consoles and all the accessories that come with it. Back in 2015, the Xbox One Elite controller was made available in the market; it’s basically the upgraded version of the current controller at the time, which was already durable. Now, even better, we have the Recon Tech wireless controller which features the best from all the previous versions. 먹튀 posted their opinion regarding the Xbox One Recon Tech,

Xbox One Recon Tech

Previous versions of the Xbox gamepads lean more towards the generic side and sometimes they’re themed after certain games. Meanwhile, the Recon Tech takes on a style that doesn’t really fit the taste of all the players. Just by name, you’ll get a hint that ‘Recon Tech’ opts for a tough military theme; Recon Tech’s body is gunmetal grey with a matte effect and highlighted thumbstick bases and shoulder buttons. Four colored pips are found on the face buttons and the d-pad, they’re surprisingly helpful especially for those that like to rely on A, B, X and Y button’s color coding.

On the center of the gamepad you’ll notice the hieroglyphics or the three gold icons which appear to be installed purely for the aesthetics, but the triangles create a raised grid and thus acts like an aid for mitigating the effects that usually come with extended gaming. Under all the design and colors, the Recon Tech is the same as any of the standard Xbox One controller which enables quick wireless connection to Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One consoles. A huge improvement would be the wider range compared to its predecessors. The core design is unchanged but all the bumps of the basic controller have been well refined.

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