Quality Products Available At Northfields

Northfields is a company that offers rent linen alongside other products, you may be wondering why you may look into the services of the company but you never know when special occasions come up that requires a fabulous reception area. Not everyone has resources to accommodate these kinds of events without early notification so a provider of linens and accessories will be the answer to your needs. Below are some of the products offered by them:

Table Linen

For over 60 years, Northfields has supplied table linen all over UK so it’s quite safe to say that their experience and knowledge is unparalleled; not many similar companies could boast the same credentials. Weddings and events that are just beginning to plan their color scheme should start with the available table linens. Northfields has a wide selection from the fabulous brocades and velvets to the natural feel of organza’s or lames and even mood setting color prints. Everything you may ever require is within reach at Northfields.


Overlays are typically added into the mix to lighten the mood and ambiance. Overlays are designed to be smaller than the tablecloth to portray a layering effect. Through overlays, the color schemes are either subdued or enhanced; you’ll be surprised at how a simple accessory can turn something to simple to something much more luxurious.


In any event, napkins are a must and they’re a great way to express the finer details; the details may be small but it aids in bringing the whole table décor. Northfields boasts some of the biggest selection of products, bold and simple colors of all kinds are available. Feel free to unleash your creativity without the restrictions that usually come with the lack of resources of options available; all the napkins are hemmed at 22” x 22” and are delivered starched and folded.

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