Reasons why games should not be blocked in Schools and Offices

Productivity is one of the things that is greatly valued in today’s society. This goes for both schools and offices alike. Because of this, work bosses and school administrators would do everything that they possibly could just so that this can be achieved. One of the ways in which they could do so is to block or prevent their subordinates from access to things that could distract them from their work. Despite this, people looking school unblocked games and the like is common, as no matter how entertaining these games can be for workers, games are often viewed as hindrances to creativity. With that said, what are the reasons why games should not be blocked in schools and offices?

People will find a way to play them, anyway

Games are people’s source of entertainment, and the more others try to make it absent, the more its existence would be appreciated even more, and hence people will look for ways in order for these games to be played. There are a lot of sites that offer proxy servers that enable workers and other people to gain access to things that are banned.

It’s Good Brain Exercise

This applies to various strategy games. Stimulating your thoughts through exercising your mind is a great way to spend your free time. Make it a point to choose games that have various objectives that may come across as difficult, but not too hard to leave you hooked.

It does not hamper productivity

Burning out from work is a rather common occurrence, simply because a lot of people are forced to work for hours and hours at a time, without any breather of some sort. These games, as simple as they are, could be helpful when it comes to making people more productive at work.

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