Christian Capozzoli’s Appeal To Integrate Improvisation In School Systems

Every person has an opinion of what else could be changed or improved in the world from politics to laws and regulations and even rights. Usually, these opinions are related to the person’s profession, personal opinion, experience, interests and so on. For well-known improvisational comedian, author and teacher Christian Capozzoli he made the effort to add improvisation in school systems. In an interview, Christian Capozzoli described how he worked to integrate improvisation in the school systems.

How Improvisation was Added in School Systems

According to Christian Capozzoli, the entire process was a tough journey even though he was equipped with Bachelor of Fine Arts in writing, Master’s degree on education and a degree in comedy as educational backgrounds. Christian Capozzoli has taught in numerous schools in New York alongside a university high school that focused on youth at-risk; during his time teaching at the latter, there were only two people who weren’t military and he was one of them. The problem was that teachers were given a sheet that they’d follow and someone would be marking and taking down notes at the back; no chance for creativity here.

After a year or so, Christian Capozzoligave up since school politics hindered the way he wanted to teach students. He prefers to break away from typical rules and focus on what’s important; for him, heading towards North isn’t doesn’t always make sense so it can be incredibly frustrating when you want to try another direction. In the schools that allowed him to implement his curriculum and he’s basically starting over with each and every one. Because of the difficulties that these possess, he developed a curriculum through a documentary-film; he had to employ the help of expert statisticians in order to make sure that the curriculum is effective.

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