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If you haven’t tried to stream movies yet it’s time you visit windows dvd player and watch a movie in the best manner possible. If you are wondering why streaming movies are a lot better in comparison to any other method of watching a movie then here is what you need to know. When you stream movies you do not need to waste any time waiting for a movie to download or arrive at your doorstep before you can watch it. This means you can decide to watch a movie even at the last minute and you can begin watching it whenever you plan to.

While some people believe renting a DVD makes more sense however you are really limited to the number of movies that you can watch when you contact your DVD rental store. They usually have only the latest movies. Also when you rent a DVD you can only watch this movie once before you have to return the DVD back to the store. In case you like catching up with old classics there is a slim chance you will find these movies available at the DVD rental store.

While some people also choose to download movies this is one of the worst options that you can go in for mainly because there is a higher risk of a virus or Trojan entering your device during the download process. Downloading movies also takes a very long time and you need to wait for a minimum of two to six hours depending on your internet speed before the movie actually downloads. You also have no idea regarding the quality of the video or audio before the movie is downloaded and this means you could get disappointed at the end of the download process.