Steam Cleaners Benefits And Using It On An Upholstery

Steam cleaning, as the name suggests is cleaning with steam. A steam cleaner is a machine that physically resembles a vacuum cleaner. It uses vapourised water to clean or sanitize the required spot. It is assumed that it can be used only for carpets and other soft materials but steam cleaners can also be used to clean bricks and bathroom tiles. You can even use it to clean jewellery. You just have to set it accordingly.

Components of a steam cleaner

There is a boiler that turns water into steam. These are made of stainless steel. There is also a refill tank in which the user can fill water when required. You can also add the required cleaning agent or detergent to the water to make the steam come with cleansing agents. There is a separate tank in which you can add the required cleanser.


  • Just water is the main source for cleaning. Even without a detergent, it cleans very well.
  • The steam is capable of killing bacteria and other harmful infection-causing germs.
  • Does not leave any stain on the carpet or the floor.
  • Used for a lot of materials.

Cleaning an upholstery:

  • You need to make sure you choose the right cleaner for the material that you are going to clean. The best steam cleaners for upholstery are those that are made exactly for that purpose. They are small and can be held by hand very easily.

  • Do not mix too much soap. Make sure water and soap are in perfect proportion.
  • First, clean the cushion part of the furniture. Steam cleaners can help you clean very small gaps. Drag the opening of the cleaner over dirty and damp areas.
  • After cleaning, let the furniture dry for a while before using it.

While buying a steam cleaner, make sure you get the one that suits all your uses. Make sure you follow the safety instructions.