Sketchable: Your Best App Choice For Speed Drawing

Being an artist isn’t easy. You need to be fast when it comes to capturing ideas and putting them to reality by drawing them straight into a paper, or in this case, a device. It’s vital for artists to be like this as it brings out the best from them.

This can also make it easier for individuals to show entire ideas to clients, or perhaps demonstrate a specific method, or even annotate images. For many, Sketchable is the best app when it comes to doing any of the tasks mentioned above.

It works smoothly with the Wacom Companion as well as with the Microsoft Surface Pro. It’s lightweight, very fast, responsive, and very easy to use. It can even auto save your work which makes it easy for you to pick up your left work the other day.

Just take note, though, that it’s not a painting program. But yes, you can, nonetheless, create paintings using it. Unfortunately, it cannot work as a replacement for Painter and Photoshop. It’s because it’s more of a way for artists to instead be flexible and quick when it comes to annotating things.

Not only is it very fast on desktop computers and laptops, but it’s also very good when it comes to its performance on mobile apps. You can manage Sketchable images using the Journals feature, just like what is shown in

These are digital scketchbooks you can make when the program starts. It’s also easy to create multiple Journals on different time projects. Individual photos can be saves as PSD or PNG file. Many also like Sketchable because it’s the first mobile app to have layers.

Feel free to export PSD files to Photoshop that runs simultaneously. However, there are a few weak points that Sketchable must make up for, and these are its lack of layers and the ability to make better paper textures.

Nonetheless, these shortcomings are nothing compared to the many benefits Sketchable has to offer. There’s a free option, too, or if you want something better, then go for the paid premium version.