A Brief Discussion On The History And Advantages Of Cardboard Boxes

We live in a world where cardboard boxes have become indispensable in our day to day life. From sizes as small as a small medicine bottle packaging to as big as an air conditioner or fridge everything comes packed in cardboard boxes thick or thin.

When the ingenious cardboard boxes came into being?

Cardboard boxes came into being from around the early 1820s and were first used by a firm in England. Later around the 1890s, the first precut cardboard boxes came into existence. They were used for all kinds of packaging purposes from then due to their light weight and the ability to hold the object inside in place. The small inserts that were used to hold the object in place were also made of cardboard cutouts.

Why use cardboard boxes over boxes made of other materials?

The first reason for this is the recyclability and reusability that cardboard boxes provide when compared to other materials. Not just the boxes but the inserts used to secure the object inside the boxes can also be made from paperboard or corrugated board which is also reusable. It can also provide some resistance to the object from moisture and keeps the object inside dry. Its construction and thickness and can be altered to hold a wide range of objects with different shapes and weights inside. The other reason for cardboard to be considered better is that the recycled paper and other fibers used for the making them is very cheap and thus cardboard box suppliers provide precut boxes at a very cheap price when compared to boxes made of other materials.

Thus the advantages of using cardboard for making boxes that help in packaging and storing things is very clear. They are highly recyclable and thus also help in reducing soil pollution.