11 Old School Games We Want To See On Nintendo Switch Online Service

Nintendo is a big name in the world of BandarQ and the platform is planning to switch online service on for many of their old school games.

Which Nintendo games do people want to play online? Check out this list:

  1. Golden Eye 007

This game was the biggest hit when the 64 bit version was a new concept and has a lot of fans ready to play it even today.

  1. Star Force

This one has a simple game play but is thrilling for players of all ages, the reason that gamers want it back.

  1. Wave Race

This is a unique racing game with jet skis and many other water adventures that make up for an adventure for the players.

  1. Mario Superstar Baseball

There are not many baseball games available online and this masterpiece of Nintendo can sure make a comeback.

  1. Diddy Kong Racing

This may not be the best Nintendo game but has a very huge fanbase, which means that there are many people who are waiting for this one to make a comeback.

  1. Mario Kart

This game took racing games to a whole new level and if it comes back on Nintendo’s online platform, it will be interesting to see the new updates.

  1. Pokemon Stadium

The game is a combination of a number of interesting games and has a fun and adventure filled gameplay.

  1. Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt was a classic game and if the gun violence on animals can be accepted or lessened, this game can certainly make a comeback.

  1. Mario Party

This fun game can help people relive many experiences.

  1. Super Smash Bros

The game has its final version coming soon and it can be interesting to play the 2002 version for fans again.

  1. F Zero

The revolutionary racing game will have many players waiting for it if it becomes available online.