Evolution in the World of Online Gaming

Games and sports have always been the biggest platform of entertainment and have maximum audience engagement as well. With the evolution of technology and internet, the games have changed from field to screen and real to reel world. To date back to history, earlier the games ludo, carom, chess etc. With the passage of time and invent of digital apparatuses play stations came into existence. Later on with the advancement of time, computers became popular and games on computer became a trend. Further, another invent known as mobile phone served initially with pre-installed games may be two or three maximum. Affordability of internet and compliance of smart phones with internet became a new phase for rejuvenated start of DominoQQ. Here are certain factors that have strengthened screen games

  • It is anticipated that gaming might become the biggest thing in the history of entertainment. With the advancement in technology, games are not only holding the interest of players but of audience as well since it gives the feel of realism.
  • Induction of spirit of competition has stimulated people to play and keep playing till the competition is won.
  • Link up of games with various social networking sites is another boosting factor that has entrapped people to be in the world of gaming since a competition with friends, family and known is the excitement next level.
  • List to do things, tasks and achievements are stimulating factors.
  • Attractive graphics used, audio-visual content, jubilant features, professional and legal control, laid terms and conditions and complaint redressal services have made the environment and atmosphere of gaming world safe and secure.

To conclude, recent researches have brought out the fact that playing a video game is more entertaining as compared to watching cricket matches.