Catching Pokemon Go Ho-oh

Pokemon Go is a game with a collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo by way of the Pokémon Company.This game uses the mobile device GPS in order to locate,capture,battle,and train the virtual creatures.

One of the creatures of Pokemon Go is Pokemon Ho-Oh.This creature can usually be found in a warmer climate and near beach locations since it is a fire and a flying type.It can weigh up to 199 kilograms and its height can measure up to 3.81 meters.It is also known as one of the most rare creatures in the Pokemon game.The statement was confirmed by Chrales,a Pokemon Go fan and a famed dataminer. According to him,its capture rate is only 2 percent which means out of fifty, there is only one Pokemon So-Ho that could be caught possibly, only if it would be defeated after the battle.

Since So-Ho is one of the hardest pokemon to catch,players should use the method of Golden Razz Berry to increase their chances of capturing it.And the best bets for taking down the Ho-oh are the creatures which have the abilities to beat the fire/flying type namely: yranitar,Golem,Omastar,zapdoes,Raikou,Gyaradous and Rayquaza.

Players of Pokemon Go try hard to catch some creatures.Others also prefer to use some techniques in order to catch pokemon creatures easily.One of these techniques is using some pokémon go hack and cheats in order to capture some rare creatures especially the Ho-oh.The examples of pokemon go cheats are spoofing,botting,multi-accurity and shaving/cyling.However,these practices are expressly against the terms and conditions of the Pokemon Go game.The company can get you banned upon playing this game once they noticed this illegal way of playing the game.So in order to avoid this happen, it is still better to follow the terms of service stated in the game.