Guide To Refinish A Bathroom Vanity

Basically, wood vanities provide a warm & natural charm to any kind of bathroom. The changes in normal wear, age, and humidity take a charge yet on the most tendency wooden vanity. Good news is that one no needs to replace the bathroom cabinet. If you paint a vanity, it looks beautiful and provides long life. Are you needed to refinish your bathroom vanity? Then follow the below given simple tips to give new look to your vanity:

  • At first you need to remove of the drawers, hands and doors from your vanity. Store each and everything in a right place so that it will not break or damage.
  • Place the doors as well as drawers on a flat surface. Make sure that the space you are working is well freshened. It is because some stains and paints have fumes.
  • Then apply the chemical stripper to the doors plus drawers with a natural paint brush. And let them leave while. A paste stripper is very easy to work.
  • Scrape the old finish with an artificial scraper. Clean down the timber with dirt free shop cloths to take away any traces of the stripper.
  • Next, wash down all surfaces in order to remove all dust practices. This helps to guarantee that your final end will be smooth.

  • Apply your stain with a mark wipe. This permits you to control over stain onto the wood.
  • Finally, spray on a water-resistant sealer. This guards your vanity cabinet against many kinds of strains. Let the sealer dry for 24 hours and then install back the drawers and doors to the vanity cabinet.

Thus follow the above-given tips to refinish your vanity into modern. At present, there are many modern bathroom vanities available so pick one based on your interest.