How To Avoid Video Game Piracy

Gaming has come a long way from being just exclusively available for PC users to having it easily downloaded on mobile. It’s not a far cry from playing in PC. The graphics that mobile gaming has are up to par with PC games as well. Both markets have grown successfully over the years and sadly, so do the amount of game pirates.

Video game piracy is a serious issue but also one where it’s quite hard to avoid. Developers have been challenged time and time again by keeping their games secure. But what comes with codes to protect it are also codes that can unlock such security. It’s a tough battle to fight and win but it still is possible to help avoid video game piracy. Here’s how:


Keep your games free… but with a price. If you’ll notice, most games are free to download. One can just download it and register for an account without shelling out any money. But as you play the game, you’ll notice that the more you delve deeper into it, the more it feels like you’ll need certain items to go through it. However, the items you need should be purchased with real money.

This is what you call games with in-app purchases. Developers make these games available for free but they also give options to their players to buy items needed in the game. This kind of tactic is practiced by many such as MU Origin 2. Games with in-app purchases help avoid piracy because players, who are only in it to pirate it, are kept out due to money constraints.

Keeping your games free but with in-app purchases also makes it profitable.


Just like any application, encryption plays a huge part in keeping out pirates. Games should make sure to constantly keep their players in check by assigning player IDs and authenticate their email addresses when they register. This way, developers can note if an ID should be banned if there’s any suspicious activity.

Piracy continues to exist in this digital era. What needs to be done to avoid it to stay vigilant and be up to date with the latest gaming security and trends.