3 Angle Grinder Attachments You Can Use

If your hobby includes carpentry or you own a machine shop, an angle grinder is needed. It is a power tool for several uses such as cutting, grinding and even sawing wood and other materials. It is a helpful tool and can be a great investment.

But did you know angle grinders have several attachments you can purchase to use for different purposes? You can file wood, saw tree branches and even cut wood with them. Below are 3 angle grinder attachments you can use:

Wood Carving Chisel

This attachment is perfect for woodworks as you can chisel off surfaces and sides to create a nice design for your project.

Wood carving chisel sets are available online. They’re easy to install and they’re very safe to work with. The electric power depends on the type of angle grinder you use. But it works in almost all angle grinders.

Belt Sander

Best used on wood, steel, and metal, a belt sander polishes off these materials for a smoother finish. It can easily polish materials too.

A belt sander set can be easily installed in just over a minute. It’s usable whether at home or in a big machinery shop. Whatever the use, a belt sander proves to make your work efficient.

Drill Chuck

If you need to drill holes unto boards, metal and walls, a drill chuck is what you need. It provides for an easy drilling within minutes and can be attached easily.

With these attachments, you can use your angle grinders for several options. To know what the best angle grinders are, check out the angle grinder review by ToolsInspector here. They compare prices, ratings and other features you’ll most probably need in your work. Don’t forget to wear safety equipment in working with an angle grinder to avoid any accidents or injuries.