5 Online Timeline Maker Tools Available For Free

Timelines are a very useful technique that can be made use of for educational or training purposes. They act as a powerful visual aid that helps in organising information about a topic or product in chronological order. It can also be used to add interactivity to a discussion. Teachers find it best to make use of this method to teach subjects which talk about the change in a particular entity or place with time. This way, the topics covered are easily understood by kids and stay longer in the mind. With the use of an online timeline maker, it is very easy to create and manage timelines.

Best timeline creation tools

  1. Office timeline – The best timeline creation tool with a professional user interface. It offers integration to other office presentation software. With the use of office timeline, it is possible to directly integrate the created time as a PowerPoint slide. It is free to use but also has paid features.
  2. Sutori – With the best and easiest methods to create and manage timelines, this online timeline maker is the best in the market. It offers a wide range of features like embedding videos and audio files, images, etc. to create more engaging timelines.
  3. Myhistro – One of the top online tools for the creation of timelines. It offers great functionality and used for creating timelines for training purposes.
  4. SmartDraw – One of the best, paid timeline creation tools that is available both online and offline. It has a variety of easy to use templates making the creation of timelines more efficient. The timelines can also be exported to MS Word or PowerPoint with ease. It offers a 7 day free trial to users.
  5. Timeline JS – As javascript is very widely sued among programmers, this tool is made using it to give the users the best usability with utmost time saving for free. This makes the tool one of the best online timeline maker.