How A Paid Pdf Convertor Toll Is Different From The Free Versions

A pdf converter is a very effective tool for everybody using various types of file formats every day. A portable document file is a format which is uneditable and thus cannot be formatted when needed. but with the converter software, one can easily convert a pdf file into a word or excel document. one can copy or cut anything from the pdf and then edit the file giving full liberty which the original pdf file does not allow. Word files are easily editable and then again one can convert the file back into a pdf using the same converter. This makes ones daily editing work very easy and simple.

Difference between the free and paid converter

Today in the market there are several online file converters that one can find. one can download this converter onto one’s computer or use their website directly. However, when it comes to it there are types of the converter. One is the paid version for which one has to buy the pdf converter and the other version is the free one. the free versions usually have a limited number of features whereas the paid ones have many features with them.

in a paid version of the file converter, one can convert as many files as one wants but in the free version, one can convert only a certain number of files. Also in a free version, one will have to upload their pdf and provide them with the email id and they convert it and send it in the sent email address whereas in the paid version one can convert one’s file on their own using the software. The major drawback of the free version of the pdf converter is that one cannot convert confidential files, however in the paid version of the pdf converter one can convert any kind of file on one’s own without having to worry about anything.