Making a Lyric Video Real Quick

Making lyric videos, contrary to what others may think, does not really require you to have advanced skills in graphic design. As a matter of fact, a lot of the software that can be found on the net, like LyricsVideo4U make the task one which is much, much easier for you. Another lyric video app that can also help you with this is no other than Animaker. How exactly do you make a lyric video through this app? Let’s find out below!

Upload the Song of Choice

Of course, you cannot make your own lyric video if you don’t have a song. In order for you to upload a song, all you have to do is click the icon which says so in the library, and then choose “Sounds”, and finally, click again “Upload”. Wait for it to be fully loaded, and from here, drop the song onto the audio timeline.

Place Lyrics

The feature of the app allows you to place lyrics according to how many lines you would want. In order for you to add a text, click the “T” icon in the library, and if you have a regular text, simply click on the “Type Your Text Here” which will then appear once the right panel has been clicked. You can also choose a background and a color of your choice for the texts.

Customize the Elements

You can then tweak the fonts, where Animaker has 50 of these. You can also place props which come in the form of graphics that will match the theme or the message of the song. You can also upload from other sites, just in case the app does not support a font which you might think is more fit for the song.