Anti-Doping Facts In Archery 101- A Brief Overview

The sport of archery is extremely particular about curbing any doping attempts in players during performance or championships. Archery sincerely follows the rules and regulations set by the World Anti-Doping Agency and takes stern action against any doping results found in archers. While pro archers are already acquainted with the sport’s stance against doping, amateur archers may need little bit of study. The post below offers a brief on the top facts you should keep in mind regarding anti-doping facts in archery.

Be careful of banned substances

The WADA publishes a roster of banned medicines or drugs every year that any athlete should not consume to boost his performance in a professional sports championship. Archery follows the same chart of banned doping substances for its events. As an aspiring professional archer, you must study all the banned substances under anti-doping regulations to keep yourself free from controversies. It’s to not here that archery even considers alcohol as a banned element for its competitions even through WADA has removed a ban from it.

Be mindful while taking medicines

At times archers get caught in doping tangles even for medicines consumed for simple ailments such as headache or hayfever. Thus, be very careful while taking medications prior to the start of and during a professional archery championship. You must consult a seasoned doctor while taking medications. Make sure he is knowledgeable about the banned substances and can guide you in taking medications that won’t land you in doping issues. Finding the right and knowledgeable doctor is as crucial here as finding the right Poker Online Terpercaya while playing poker.

Chosen for test

If an archer is chosen for doping test, he should comply with all the needed procedures even when he has not taken any banned substance. Do not ever dare to bypass or disobey the test order.