What Are The Fun Volleyball Drills To Teach Essential Skills?

Volleyball is a popular outdoor sport played in a field divides with a net. It is primarily played between two teams who compete against each other. It involves throwing if the volleyball by one team which has to be pushed back by the other team in order to continue the game without losing. The main objective of the competing teams is to pin the ball to the ground whilst it is on the opposite side of the field.

What are some of the most fun as well as an easy drill to be taught to beginners?

If you are a sports coach dealing with a bunch of beginner players of volleyball, there are some easy drills which you should try instantly to teach them the basic rules and techniques. This will help to enhance their gaming skills and move forward rapidly. Some of such drills can be understood as given below:

  • The Basic spiking drill: This is an easy way to teach the players the most basic techniques to hit the volleyball effectively and with strategy.
  • The butterfly drill: This is one of the most popular drills taught in most middle schools. It helps the players understand the movement of the body in correspondence to the movement of the ball. It is an essential practice to comprehend the proper techniques to learn to pass the ball to other team players.
  • The Net dig drill: It is a common occurrence for the ball to hit the net instead of going to the other side. In order to understand the game properly, it is crucial for the player to get familiar with the net and how to play around it.

What are the basic movements of a volleyball game?

Serving, attaching, blocking digging and most importantly passing are most basic skills required to play volleyball.

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