Email marketing mistakes – how can one avoid and overcome them?

Email marketing mistakes are very common these days. Making a mistake seems reasonable but the important thing is how to recover from it later. Many people also make use of disposable email which is a throwaway email service offered on which keeps you away from spam. So, here we are going to discuss the different email marketing mistakes and how one can avoid and recover from them.

What do the email marketing issues include?

  • Copy-paste issues
  • Sending mails to the wrong person or list
  • Sending an unfinished mail
  • Broken links, no links or wrong links
  • Typos
  • Not checking for display errors
  • Personalization issues
  • Sending mails from the wrong account
  • Sending nothing at all
  • The scheduling settings are incorrect
  • Sending mails which are too big

How to avoid email mistakes?

  • Make sure the email is small in size:

controlling the size of your email is extremely important. Also, if you need to send pictures in your mail then you can use the PNG format so that the images get optimized without losing its quality.

  • Send a test email to yourself:

you can just send yourself a test email so that the bugs and errors can be detected.

  • Have a look over your links:

this is essential so that you know that they are working and going towards the right URLs.

Overcoming the email mistakes that you have made:

Send a correction:

after you have sent the wrong email, you can always make a correction and send the correct one. This is one of the ways in which your email mistake can be easily rectified.

Redirect the links which are broken:

if the mistake in your email was a broken link then this can be rectified by simply redirecting the broken link to the appropriate one. Also, this doesn’t require you to notify any of the recipients as their experience will not be affected in any way.