Things to Remember on a Winter Hike

Going out for a hike on winter is actually not a bad idea at all. If you enjoy the green sceneries during summer, you will definitely enjoy the snow world and white trees when you plan a hike in winter.

Just because the temperature is colder than the warmer months, that does not mean you can’t enjoy a climb. With little know-how on what to do during a winter hike, you will be all set for your next awesome adventure. Here are some things to remember for your next winter hike.

Dress in layers

It is undeniably great to have a fluffy parka on ski slopes but this is not at all true for a winter hike because it will make your heavy and uncomfortable.. That is why it is way better to dress in layers to keep you warm enough without worrying that you might feel heavy during the climb.

Don’t forget your hat

Aside from our hands, one of the most important body parts that needs to be covered is our head. During the colder months, always remember thsat you need to keep your head covered to maintain its function and not lose your body heat.

Be prepared for longer nights

During winter, day time are becoming shorter than the usual. This is the reason why you should always bring headlamps to have a good source of light during your climb. You can also bring some of the best headlamp for fishing if you are planning to do some activities after you reach the peak.

Always bring a sunscreen

It may be winter but the sun is still shining brightly above you burning your skin in an unexpected way. There will always be UV rays even in winter. So don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you start the hike.