Tips to choose right sports shoes

The right sports shoe plays a great role in determining the performance of a player or an athlete. Definitely, your understanding of the game rules and techniques are important here- but the quality and comfort of your shoe is no less significant. No matter how great a player you are, you won’t be able to give your best if your shoe does not allow you to be in the best of motion. The post below offers a brief on choosing the right sports shoes.

Understand your sport

There is a common misconception that a pair of general sports shoes work well for almost all sports. But it’s not the case. Walking and running shoes are different from each other. The same goes with the shoes for soccer and tennis players. Put simply, choose the shoe which is designed especially for your particular sport.

Mind the gap and fit

According to experts, there must be minimum half inch of gap in between the big toe (the front) and shoe end. Your heel should sit snugly inside and must not easily slip out while walking. The upper end of your shoe should never feel too tight. After you wear the shoe, make sure you are being able to wiggle each toe freely.

Be careful of insoles

Sports, irrespective of the type, usually involve high-intensity activity. When the body is in motion, the maximum impact is bore by the feet. Thus, you have to make sure your shoe insoles can assure the maximum comfort for your feet. Go for gel insoles that can absorb shock and render a solid cushion to your feet. The insoles must also support your foot arch to ensure enhanced stability and motion control.

Test the fit physically

Do not ever buy a shoe without walking into it. If you are buying online, make sure the store offers easy return policy.