A handy guide to find the best carpet cleaning company

Your classy oriental carpet is certainly the pride of your home and you need to be careful about its maintenance. You definitely do your daily vacuum but the carpet also needs professional cleaning twice a year. You must be looking forward to find a trusted carpet cleaning company by now? Well, the post below shares a brief on how to find a trustworthy carpet cleaning company.

Search around

The first tip here is to get a market survey to find a competitive deal. First, you will shortlist 5-6 carpet cleaning companies and then run a comparative survey on them. Make sure they specialize in home carpet cleaning. You have to check out their reputation, experience, cleaning methods and certainly client testimonials. Go for a reputed and experienced company well-versed in advanced carpet cleaning methods. The company should also be backed by happy clients.

Eco-friendly cleaning materials

Make sure your chosen carpet cleaning company uses mostly eco-friendly cleaning supplies and spot carpet cleaners. The regular cleaning supplies and spot cleaners are laden with harmful chemicals. They are able to clean the carpets but also leave you with unhealthy indoor ambience.

Additional services

It would be good if the company can support you with a wide range of additional services. The best companies provide multiple services, in addition to carpet cleaning. These include rug cleaning, carpet disinfection, deodorization and sanitization. Some companies even offer carpet protector guards.

Affordable and transparent pricing

Don’t try to look for the cheapest option in the market. Quality comes with a price and dirt cheap rates often mean big compromise with quality. Look for quotes that are affordably reasonable. Also, the carpet cleaning company should be honest enough to provide you a complete breakdown of prices for each service. A reliable company also offers a complete money-back guarantee to clients.