The Top 10 Cannabis Companies Canadians Are Aiming For

Cannabis has been a legal commodity in Canada for both medicinal and recreational benefits. Cannabis producers are in large demand as the cannabis generated is not utilised in Canada but also shipped off to America and other countries globally. Some knowledge about the top ten cannabis producers has been shared below.

Revenue generated by the top four producers

  • Canopy Growth Corp

Canopy Growth is one of the largest marijuana producing company in terms of per market capitalization. It is based in Ontario and has been the first licensed and federal-regulated cannabis grower company that trades publicly. Net revenue has been CAD 83 million.

  • Aurora cannabis

Aurora is a licensed distributor and is the second-largest company of cannabis in this world. They have a tough international presence and they even trade in Italy. Net revenue generated by the company is CAD 47.6 million. Its headquarters are in Edmonton.

  • Aphria

On the third number, the 2014 founded company has been seen to generate cannabis. They are the lead producers for any cannabis dispensary and deal exclusively in medical cannabis products. Net revenue generated by the company is CAD 21.7 million.

  • CannTrust Holdings

Even though the fame of other cannabis companies is not shared by CannTrust, the company still enjoys fame in Canada by being a major player in the marijuana market. Net revenue has been CAD 12.6 million.

Six other cannabis-producing companies and their market capitalization

  • Cronos group:

Owns two companies out of the six displayed.

Market value : $7.57B

  • Hexo corporation:

Licensed producers with headquarters in Quebec.

Net market capitalgenerated : $2.2B

  • Namaste technologies:

Operates through the internet and popular in 20 countries.

Market capitalization : $239M

  • Organigram holdings:

The company sells dry cannabis, oil of cannabis and vaporizers that should be purchased online.

Market capital : $1.2B

  • Emerald health:

Market capitalisation is $561M

  • Supreme cannabis:

Market capitalisation is $589.7M