12 Weirdest Cars In The History Of Racing Games

Unlike most of the other genres of games, gamers don’t expect racing games to experiment with their cars. But many of the times major racing games have surprised gamers by adding some of the weirdest cars that are not meant for a racing game. Here you will find 12 times racing games added some of the cars or vehicles that really stunned gamers.

List of weirdest cars in racing games

Ford Indigo

If you have played Project Gotham Racing 3 then you must have come across Ford Indigo.

Chryslus Rocket 69 (Ford Nucleon)

Looked and ran like a rocket and you can find it on Forza Motorsport 6.

Nike One

Gran Turismo 4 is famous for adding some of the weirdest cars in many of its versions. And Nike One is taking the third place in this list.

Lunar Rover Vehicle LRV-001

Want to drive on the moon and feel like an astronaut, then play Gran Turismo 6.

Daimler Ferret Scout Car

An armoured vehicle that you can find on TOCA Touring Car Championship.

Palmont FD1 Fire Truck

Play Need For Speed: Carbon to drive a fire truck.

Blastolene Special (jay Leno Tank Car)

Want to drive a tank like a car than play Gran Turismo 6.

BMW Isetta

One of the weirdest cars for any racing game was featured in Forza Motorsport 7.

Beck Kustoms F132

Looked like a formula one car can also be called as the fastest featured in Need For Speed: Payback.


One of the stupidest cars to find on Gran Turismo 6.

Renault Espace F1

Play Gran Turismo 2 to experience the weirdness of this car.

Morgan 3-Wheeler

Nothing can be weirder than adding a 3-wheeler find it in Forza Horizon 3.

These were 12 of the weirdest cars that you can find in the racing game history. If you like to play fast paced games and bet real money than visit situs judi bola.